there’s a glow off the pavement

so i’ve seen the abc’s on a few blogs lately (neely & michelle) & decided to hop on the bandwagon since i’m being completely uncreative with blog posts lately.

the abc’s of me.

[a] age: 22.

[b] bed size: queen (but i seem to be sleeping on my sofa more & more these days).

[c] chore you hate: dusting.

[d] dogs: annie girl, my little baby chinese crested powderpuff (okay she’s not a baby, she’s 1 & a half).

[e] essential start to your day: a banana, i eat a TON of them (four today already).

[f] favorite color: purple.

[g] gold or silver: gold right now.

[h] height: 5’7″ (i think?).

[i] instruments you play: haha, i’m the least musical person ever.

[j] job title: student, designer/creative person.

[k] kids: none.

[l] live: the queen city (aka charlotte, nc).

[m] mom’s name: sharon.

[n] nicknames: ebond, eliza, annie (not just my pupper’s name), beth-ann.

[o] overnight hospital stays: none, but i’ve had my fair share of emergency room visits.

[p] pet peeve: unkind & inconsiderate people.

[q] quote from a movie/tv show: “rory, you’re special.” “like stop-eating-the-paste special?” logan & rory from gilmore girls.


[r] right or left handed: right.

[s] siblings: an older sister, jennifer.

[t] time you wake up: 7ish almost daily (except today i slept till 8:30, it threw me completely off).

[u] underwear: the comfortable ones please.

[v] vegetables you dislike: i like them all, i would rather not eat black eyed peas on a regular basis though.

[w] what makes you run late: changing my clothes multiple times, annie won’t go potty when i take her out, packing my lunch (yes i do take my lunch with me).

[x] x-rays you’ve had: teeth, right knee, toes, head/face.

[y] yummy food you make: vegetable soup, pumpkin loaves/cupcakes & my most recent realization, pineapple upside down cake/loaves.

[z] zoo animal favorite: definitely the elephants.

join in on the abc fun.


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