if you climb a mountain & you turn around

it’s thankful thursday (night, FAIL for me) & i’m linking up with julia again 🙂

[one] i’m thankful for trader joes. they always have the tastiest fruit & it’s always a better price than any of the other stores.

[two] i’m thankful that i have 2 weeks of classes left (well one week of class & one week of turning in/presenting finals).

[three] i’m thankful that i’ve found my school self sgain, I’ve been getting so much done & i LOVE it.

[four] i’m thankful for mineral water. i’ve been drinking nothing but water & chamomile tea (& a glass of red wine on some nights) & mineral water is such a refreshing taste!

[five] i’m thankful for things that keep me sane, dumb tv shows, thesis research (weird i know), and playing with the puppers.



One response

  1. love me some trader joes! good job on being productive with school… it always feels so great to mark things off the list!

    March 10, 2011 at 11:25 pm

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