with all the lost & lonely people

happy monday morning, are you ready for monday confessions?

[one] i use running races as an excuse to go out for italian. my favorite thing growing up was at the end of the week (especially weekends i had tournaments) my parents would take me out for pasta to get carbs for soccer. friday night i convinced everyone to go to carrabba’s because my aunt, cousin & i were running a race saturday. it. was. delicious.

[two] i watched a rodeo last night for more than 2 hours. it actually kept my interest for a while (& some of those guys are not bad to look at).

[three] the hills in the 5k saturday were killers. they looked easy but they were super super super long.

[four] i was a complete nerd this weekend (but i got SO much work done & i’m SO proud of myself).

[five] i don’t know that my mind has ever been as clear as it is right now. there is so much going on, so much going through my head, so many ideas, but i’m centered on what’s important & i’m excited about everything 🙂



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