i called your bluff, so you walked out

well hello march.

(i was just not in the mood to blog yesterday, i was doing some research for a few things 🙂 )

but i’m excited for march because it’s sisters birthday, 2 of my aunts birthdays, & the end of this quarter!

i painted my nails yesterday, because it had been a week since i stop biting them & they were kinda long enough to paint.

that’s my goal for march, quit biting my nails, stupid nervous habit.

i’m getting my hair done today & i’m super excited.

i hate cutting my hair, because i hate it short, but the color can always change 🙂

i’m super excited about a lot of things right now, too many to even list, but the closest one is that after this week i have 3 more weeks in this quarter 🙂

yay yay yayyyyy.

i’m also happy to say that since i stopped eating my daily protein bars (is that bad i ate so many?) that i haven’t felt sick like i was.

problem solved. must have been all the ingredients that i can’t even pronounce.

& this is the 3rd week i’ve had no coffee/caffeine/non-water beverage during the week.

i’m running a 5k on saturday with my aunt & cousin so after i run tomorrow i’m taking it easy on friday.

i’m actually nervous & excited because i feel like i’m actually ready to run this & it supports the colon cancer coalition which is near to our hearts.


have a happy wednesday y’all 🙂


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