the one who makes the moon reflect the sun

today (as well as the past week or so) has been exceptionally warm for february in north carolina.

i can’t for the life of me decide what to wear because i’ll be too hot in winter clothes & look ridiculous in summer clothes (it is february, tank tops by themselves are not acceptable…. yes, i’m talking to you girl at starbucks on saturday in a tank top & capris).

so today i decided the perfect outfit for a 75 degree february day would be jean shorts, argyle tights, and pink moccasins.

it’s a good mix of summer, spring & winter.

kudos to me.

& it’s kind of a ode to my high school wardrobe of randomness.

(did you know i was voted best dressed in high school?)

ha, what were those people thinking?

but truth: i love this shorts & tights deal.



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