i see it all now that you’re gone

monday confessions.

[one] i did NOTHING productive for school over the weekend (i did run errands, paint, went on an amazing run saturday morning & heard an awesome message at church) but it’s okay, i always get my work done.

[two] i’ve been eating chocolate peanut butter & bananas for breakfast (it’s delicious).

[three] i had dessert after dinner friday & saturday night… (both times were delicious, i hate it when you splurge & it isn’t even good & one time it wasn’t even my idea).

[four] i’m horrible at using my time wisely, so i’ve scheduled time to do all the things i have to during the week (we’ll see how this goes).

[five] i actually wanted jeff gordon to win the race at phoenix yesterday (true, i like him a lot better than i used to, he’s not that bad. but i’ve never wanted him to win more than i did yesterday). ANYONE is better than kyle busch.



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