sometimes you gotta lose till you win

today i’ve been feeling less than stellar.

headache, dizzy, chills, etc.

no fun.

but i’ve been painting the past few days.

a piece for my mom’s friend, ms. amy, to go in her living room.

i’ve still got a little more to do before it’s finished but i’m loving painting again.

it’s relaxing & therapeutic.

i think i might just keep it up.

(as long as my bank account can keep up with the canvases & paint bills).

i’ve got painting ideas coming out my ears, i can’t wait to get them on canvas.

in other news…..

annie girl has a new cousin!

(no sister did not have a baben overnight)

my aunt got a new puppy.

she’s a chinese crested powderpuff (like ann) but she’s only 10 weeks old, 2.5 pounds, & snow white.

annie is a giant compared to her.

she’s a little feisty girl too.

they’re still deciding on a name, but i think they’re going to decide on willow.

this is a picture from about 2 weeks ago.

i’ll have to get some newer ones of her & miss annie.


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