the taste of salt on the carolina shore


it’s almost 4.

i hope i can make it until 5 at work.

the gym will not be happening tonight.

i can barely stand, let alone lift a weight or run even a tenth of a mile.

i don’t know what i was thinking last night in my state of delirium/exhaustion when i set my alarm for 8 am, because i had to be at work at 10, which means i needed to leave my house by 9:15.

& i know better than to give myself an hour to get ready in the morning.

anyways, let’s just say this morning was a little crazy.

annie has decided that eating out of her bowl makes the food taste less or maybe she just thinks she’s a person & wants food out of a big bowl like me.

i don’t know.

the funny thing is, we eat the same thing for breakfast, exactly, & she wants mine, not hers.


(but super adorable).

i had a point when i started this post.

but now i don’t remember 🙂

but i like this:



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