somewhere with you

christmas eve we always have a family dinner (my mom’s whole side of the family) & open presents.

this year we decided to have soups as our dinner.

my aunt volunteered to make the potato soup, so i volunteered to make the vegetable soup (because it’s my favorite).

i also decided to make the caramel sea salt brownies that i’ve read about on olivia’s blog so many times.

& as i was putting the brownies in the oven my grandpa decided he wanted banana pudding (because we had a ton of very ripe bananas).

so i made that too.

i looked for a good veggie soup recipe & came up with this one from martha stewart, though i added some vegetables & didn’t include some that were listed to include. i also left it sit on the stove on low until just before were were going to eat & i upped the temperature. it was very easy, very good, & very tasty….. there were no leftovers 🙂


the brownies slightly stressed me out. because i wasn’t sure if the brownie batter would thicken itself if it sat on too low of a heat source & i didn’t want it to burn if i left it too high while i was mixing the caramel, so i enlisted sister’s help. i may or may not have put too much sea salt on the top (i like it that way, but might be too much for others) but they were a hit but VERY rich. even i couldn’t eat more than one & i’m the queen of desserts.


the banana pudding was a piece of cake to finish off the day in the kitchen. apparently we had instant pudding but i didn’t know, so i whipped some up from scratch (a recipe i found in the “recipe drawer” in my grandma’s kitchen) flour, milk (i used half & half 🙂 ), sugar, & vanilla over medium heat until it thickens. i layered the bowl with banana slices, nilla wafers, pudding, more wafers & bananas, then more pudding. it was DELECTABLE (but i’m a banana pudding lover).


i wish i could cook/bake/eat this well everyday.


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