you’re a lover, i’m a runner

i’ve always had this problem being content.

always looking for what’s next, what i can change, something new to amuse me.

i wish i could just be fine with what is happening now.

i look regularly at job openings in my field for when i graduate (but this just makes me even less content, september graduation is just too far away).

as part of my new years resolutions (will post more about them later) i am going to try to be happier with what i’m currently doing.

i have a wonderful life & a loving family & i have nothing (important) to complain about, so i shouldn’t complain at all.

for example, i hate my 45 minute drive to & from work & school, but i will not complain anymore because i actually have a car & don’t have to rely on others or ride a bus/subway/train/lightrail/etc. & i’m so thankful for that.



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