stuck in colder weather

happy tuesday sunshines 🙂


i spent the majority of yesterday editing my documentary, let it render overnight (because it was going to take about 6 hours), & woke up to my pretty little .mov file sitting on my desktop 🙂

except, when i try to open it, i get a message saying, you fail this is not a movie file.

okay. well i don’t have time to try to render again & see what went wrong so i’m now converting files to edit on another program, which is going to take an hour to 2. sweet.

i’m giving myself a cut off of noon. if files are not converting properly, i’m going to have to go to school & finish editing there (which i hate).

i guess today is not a gym day either, my health is not as important as my grades right now.

in other news i think my dog is actually a pig. she eats more than i do, all 10 pounds of her. last night i made myself comfort oatmeal because it was cold & i’d spent all day at work & editing & i still had an online assignment & more editing. i ate a few bites & set it on the table next to my sofa, when to put my yoga pants & a sweatshirt on, came back & she had her nose burried in my oatmeal.

really annie? but she was so cute, so i let her eat a little more before i poured it out & made myself a bowl of cereal.

so i’m now going to get myself my 28th bowl of cereal in the past week or so & another cup of coffee & wait for the files to convert.


i think i’m just so tired/exhausted that i don’t even need sleep. just more coffee & the occasional sugary carb.


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