what can i say?

it’s monday again.

but this monday is the last monday of this quarter which means i have 33 more weeks of school & i’m finished with my degree 🙂

i have 3 finals projects due this week & some work for an online class.

i tried to be productive all weekend but sometimes projects just don’t work out as well as you plan them, & then when your adorable yet mischievous pupper decides to chew through your $80 power cord it kind of throws a twist into your plans & you realize you actually can’t work on one of the projects when you’re not at school.

& right now i am completely overwhelmed. i’m stuck on one of my finals, the big one that has to do with my major the most, not so good 😦 & i’m just not sure what to do about it anymore.

i’m confused about life, should i do this, should i try that? i don’t even think i know how to make decisions anymore.

i miss a lot of things & it makes me sad a lot more recently than before.

i wonder where i got so off track in life sometimes & wonder if i’ll ever be back on the right path.

but, i went to church last night during the beautiful snow flurries, caught up with sarah & company, & listened to a wonderful message from pastor steven & i know i can’t wallow in my own problems (they’re really not that important) because they will work themselves out (hopefully before these projects are due tomorrow night, wednesday morning, & wednesday night) & worrying excessively is not going to help (& will give me ulcers).

however this makes me happy (it’s also hilarious that one of the intro videos at church last night had buddy the elf in it 🙂 )

please excuse the random, insane, crazy post, i blame it on finals/lack of sleep/lack of proper nutrition/too much sugar.


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