last christmas i gave you my heart

well i FINALLY finished decorating my tree this morning.

since i didn’t have anything done for the christmas blog challenge post.

i’m actually using it for a final project, i have to make a documentary, so i filmed picking it, cutting it down, hauling it in, lights, decorations, & annie trying to eat it.

hoping i’ll get the majority of the editing done tonight in class.

here are a few shots of the snowy owl tree.

mom got me these sequin things & i decided to stick them out the top instead of a bow or star. i nestled my black & sparkle owl on them to finish it off.

owls owls!

& more owls 🙂

new snowy owl mrs. yvonne gave me for painting a banner/mural thing for mr. jim’s birthday.

the finished tree. i’m going to have to get sister to take some better pictures with her cool camera when she gets here.

happy tuesday & 18th days till christmas 🙂


2 responses

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  2. Your tree is simply gorgeous! Love the sequin sparkly thingys…lovely


    December 8, 2010 at 9:47 pm

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