christmas blog challenge_ day 8

it’s day 8 of the christmas blog challenge, hosted by aly & molly!

least favorite thing about the holidays.

my least favorite thing is that some people don’t have a family to spend the holiday’s with & some families cannot afford to get presents for their children.

i get sad when i think that some elderly people are in nursing homes & no one comes to visit them.

i don’t think you have to get presents to have a good christmas but it makes me sad that some kids won’t get anything.

my mom & i always go shopping for operation christmas child where you fill a shoe box full of necessities & fun little toys for christmas. i found disney princess stuff & hello kitty stuff this year for the 2 little girl boxes (i let her find the stuff for the little boys).

i hope to in the future i can do more for families & kids that need a little help around the holiday’s.


i have to go, i’m starting the morning off sad now & i need to cheer up.


One response

  1. I think about those same things…
    I’ve worked in the nursing home during the holidays and it does get glum, but the good ones try to make it festive and treat them to good things!
    And the gifts thing… yes, it is sad. Toys for Tots is always good and helpful and I know that some families sponsor other families who are less fortunate with gifts for the holidays. <– something I'd like to do once I am able!

    November 30, 2010 at 9:38 am

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