christmas blog challenge_ day 7

the 7th day of christmas: christmas craft/diy.

i’m racking my brain to think of a holiday craft/diy that i’ve done.

& i can’t think of a single thing i’ve ever made that is holiday related.

it may be the mass of jumbled information, dates, codes, video footage, stocking stuffer ideas, christmas presents to buy, & ecommerce homework that is forever floating around my brain.

(btw did you know that the average human has 25,550,00 a year, that’s 70,000 thoughts a day, & about 3000 thoughts an hour? i didn’t, but it makes the thought of concentrating even harder, is this quarter over yet?)

when i was little my mom would help us make lifesaver trains & sleighs, i remember one time the neighbor kids came over & we made tons of them! (but i also remember i wanted to eat the candy more than i wanted to make something out of it).


i do think it would be fun to make my own garland for my tree/bannister/mantle one day.


i love the gumdrop ones (my roommate lindsey made one 2 years ago because she had a ton of cupcake,/lollipop/ice cream cone ornaments, it was very cute), & the popcorn ones, & the cranberry ones.


it might even be fun to make one out of pinecones. (does that sound ridiculous? i would totally spray paint them silver)


maybe i’ll get around to doing one of these one day. maybe.

link up with aly & molly for the 12 days of christmas blog challenge đŸ™‚


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