christmas blog challenge_ day 5

i’m a little late on this post, we went to west jefferson & blowing rock today to get a tree & shop a little. it was cold & i LOVED it! annie girl even hiked up the mountain, she was all about some christmas trees 🙂

today’s 12 days of christmas blog challenge topic is…..

favorite holiday movie/tv show special.

i have one (2) favorite christmas movie.

it’s home alone & home alone 2: lost in new york.


“are you here all my yourself?”

“ma’am, i’m eight years old. you think i’d here here alone? i don’t think so.”




“do you know how the tv works?

“i’m ten years old. tv is my life.”

i think these are hilarious & i’m not one for the cheesy christmas movies, i just can’t stand them!


One response

  1. Kit

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Home Alone as well!

    November 27, 2010 at 10:06 pm

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