christmas blog challenge_ day 2

day 2.

& the topic is….. black friday/general shopping tips & tricks.

well, i haven’t gone black friday shopping in a few years, unless you have that big item you KNOW you’ll get the best deal on then, it seems kind of hit or miss to me & when i was 15 & could go without sleep it was okay, but i’m old now (haha) & i need my sleep.

but, i do have a few general tips:

1_ get a coffee before or at the mall.

2_ take water, a protein bar, & a banana (my sister makes fun of me because these 3 items are almost always in my purse).

3_ wear something that you don’t have to keep adjusting (like pulling a cami down under your sweater or pulling your pants up because they don’t fit right).

4_ never take a big jacket inside the mall, you’ll just have to carry it around.

5_ if you do go black friday shopping, just because you saw the advertisement for “first 1,000 customers get a free gift bag” doesn’t mean 10,000 other people didn’t, & the gift bag is usually random stuff you don’t need.

6_ make sure that store you drive 30 minutes out of the way for is actually open early (one year we went all the way to concord to go to bass pro shops & they were the only store in the shopping center that DIDN’T open early).

7_ keep an eye on your sort-of-claustrophobic sister, some of these shoppers are intense & could catch her in a corner or in between racks.

it’s amazing how much i love clothes & shoes & shopping that i HATE black friday.

[via] ridiculous.

link up with aly & molly for the christmas blog challenge!


2 responses

  1. Kit

    Take food and water is the best tip! Thanks for sharing!

    November 23, 2010 at 10:18 am

  2. HA! Love the tip for taking snacks 😉

    Black Friday shopping is one of my favorite things, I think I’m insane!

    November 23, 2010 at 2:19 pm

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