switching sides & wildfire lies

this year for christmas we have strict rules about gift giving. we drew names and our gift limit is $35, we even decided everyone was to make a list so if their gift giver was stuck without an idea (some people are just hard to buy for). i personally hate the list idea because i NEVER know what to put on it & i don’t like telling people what to get me. but this year i think i have some good ideas for my mandatory list…..

1_ new (fake) ray ban wayfarers. i had some from target that i wore FOREVER & i broke them 😦 & with my ability to lose/break sunglasses, i don’t need real ones 🙂 (price point: $15)

2_ nike + ipod sport kit. since i’ve started running more & more i’d like to be able to track how i’m doing & set goals. i just got new nike + running shoes. (price point: $29)

3_ clothbound penguin classics books from anthropologie. my top picks are the picture of dorian gray, great expectations, & alice’s adventures in wonderland. (price point: $20)

4_ cover story postcards from anthropologie. i blogged about these back in february/march ish. i love them! (price point: $25)

5_ recipe book from anthropologie. right now my recipes are on notebook paper & it takes me forever to find them. this book is cute & a great way to have a personal recipe book. (price point: $28)

from the looks of it, anything from anthropologie would be great for me!


3 responses

  1. ty

    The Nike+ system is honestly the best thing that happened to my running. LOVE it.

    November 18, 2010 at 9:50 am

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