these are the words i held back, as i was leaving

this weekend was a whirlwind.

thursday, friday, & saturday i was basically sleep walking from the lack of sleep i’ve gotten in the past 2 weeks, but i sure had fun doing it.

sister & tara came into town thursday night & we had tea & halloween cookies we forgot to make for halloween.

saturday friday we hit cracker barrel & had the most delicious cinnamon strudel french toast (yes, from cracker barrel) & i even spurgled & had eggs & bacon & it was amazing. this breakfast was to fuel us up for the southern christmas show. we had a great time, bought more than we’ve ever bought at the show.

we stopped by the north carolina wine shop & did a few tastings (i may have a new favorite red wine) & finished the show at the international wine booth. this place is my favorite because they had cognac & a brandy that were delicious!

i love the christmas show because they have the best food to taste & this year i got a puff dog for lunch. it’s a hot dog wrapped in puff pastry. unhealthy & i loved it (so did sister).

we went back to pure taqueria for dinner friday night & i had another amazing meal & margarita & wayy too many chips & salsa. after dinner we spent about 5 hours discussing drawing names for chirstmas/not doing presents for adults/budgets/etc. & finally got around to actually drawing names, i may have fallen asleep during this ordeal.

& this weekend i FINISHED my last gen ed class! so excited! & i got an A 🙂 🙂

hope you had a good weekend as well, back to school work now, i started another online class this week…..


One response

  1. Jen

    omg. this morning i was wishing i could repeat friday instead of today. i had too much fun with you!
    miss you already!!

    November 15, 2010 at 4:30 pm

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