30 day blog challenge_ day 28

the 30 day blog challenge, hosted by katie’s journey is almost over!


today’s topic is something that stresses you out.

current life stresses…..

having all the classes i need in the next 3 quarters offered when i need them.

putting together my portfolio.

finishing school & having to find a job.

my blackberry battery going dead in the middle of the day (stupid i know).

making the wrong decision, which leads to a lot of indecision.


never getting married (everyone….. yes that’s an exaggeration but whatever….. is getting engaged/married).

it’s funny though, i went to church last night with some friends from my small group instead of this morning & although the main message was not about worry it was a key point. our pastor said, when you worry, you’re basically saying that you don’t trust God has the power to have everything under control.



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