30 day blog challenge_ day 27

today’s blog challenge topic is pets 🙂

growing up i never really had pets. i had hermit crabs, fish, a frog (gross, i know), & 2 peach faced lovebirds names georgia & savannah (i loved the name georgia when i got her & had become obsessed with savannah, georgia when i got her a little bit later so their names just happened to be cutesy, not intentional).

i always wanted a dog but my parents were not really pet people so it was always out of the question. i understood but always knew i would get one or two or five (kidding?) when i was a “grown up”. well i decided i was enough of a grown up at 21 so i started looking at the county shelters & on craigslist just to see what was out there. i knew i wanted a smaller dog but other than that i didn’t care.

in june of 2010 i was at the beach for my 3 week summer break & just happened to click on a craigslist post for a chinese crested. i don’t know why i did because i thought chinese cresteds were all hairless & not the cutest (even though they’re so not cute that they are cute). well as i read into the post this crested was a powderpuff, i quickly learned through some reserach that there were 2 types of chinese cresteds, hairless & powderpuff. the ad said she was 9 months old, 12 pounds, loving, & needed to be rehomed because her owners health was not good.

i didn’t even have the guts to call about her & made someone else do it to get some more info but we ended up driving the 2 hours to hampstead, nc to “see” her. (“see” was my parent’s terms of going with me to see her, just because we drove up there didn’t mean i needed to get her, little did they know, i had gone & gotten money to buy her if i so desired).

she was ADORABLE, small (only 8 pounds), quiet, shy, sweet, everything you could ask for. we stayed & talked to john (her previous owner) for about 2 hours & he told me all about her breed & lifestyle. my dad said, well we’ll have to talk about it & get the money when i interjected, i have it & i want her! he just looked at me crazy.

i held annie half of the way home & mom held her the other half which was a sight to see because my mom is NOT an animal person, i can’t believe she let a dog sit on her lap, but that was just the beginning.

annie is now a little princess. everyone loves her. my grandparents were also not so keen to start with (their last dog was hit by a car & it broke their hearts, so they said they would never care so much for an animal again), but a few weeks later my grandma said, “elizabeth, i need to talk to you. i’m not happy with you.” i wasn’t sure what i’d done. she continued, “i said i would never care so much for a dog again & i’ve become attached to little annie, so i’m mad at you.” she was obviously joking & even my grandpa loves her, he slips her food all the time.

annie has moved on from being the little shy, quiet girl. she’s got to warm up to new people but give her a treat & she’s all yours, she loves to play & run, and even barks regularly (chinese cresteds are not a breed that barks a lot), just at me though when she doesn’t get 150% of my attention.

[halloween 2010, little ladylovebug]

[falling asleep]

[this was at annie’s first birthday party, her cousins sparrow, sadie & lucy came]

[just a few weeks after i got her, pre any haircuts, she ran into the wall a lot so we got her bangs trimmed]

[annie realized she could get under my bed & i couldn’t get her out & she thought this game was a lot of fun]

annie really is the PERFECT first dog, she’s a doll & is the sweetest little ball of fluff in the world. she was sick this week & it just made me so sad, but she’s feeling much better now, she had a little bug, & is back to her usual playful, adorable self 🙂

have a great saturday 🙂


One response

  1. Annie is absolutely adorable. I love the picture where she is looking up at the person holding her. It reminds me so much of my little Gracie- a total princess!

    November 6, 2010 at 12:47 pm

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