30 day blog challenge_ day 26

today’s challenge topic: a picture of your family.

i’m very close with my family, my mother (& aunt & grandma) & i are usually out shopping/running errands/etc. on weekends. i spend most fridays with my grandma & aunt because i don’t work or have class & my aunt also has the day off. my sister & i get along so well now that we’re both older. my dad is like a superhero, anything i need he’s there for. & my grandpa is hilarious, he always wants to go on day trips to the mountains & can be counted on for some of the most off the wall comments.

[my parents, sister & i at antler village at the biltmore house, please excuse my EXTREME paleness]

[my grandpa (papaw) & me at the grove park inn]

i don’t have any recent pictures of me & either of my grandma’s….. i need to work on that.

have a wonderful friday, i’m off to meet my aunt & grandma (mom even took the day off & sister is in town!).


One response

  1. Kit

    I love the Biltmore house too! Great pictures!

    November 5, 2010 at 10:01 am

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