30 day blog challenge_ day 25

today’s 30 day blog challenge topic, first 10 songs that come on your ipod.

i decided to add commentary to the songs.

one_ israel kamakawiwo’ole- somewhere over the rainbow (this song makes me think of the first time we went to hawaii when i was 7, my mom got his album & we’ve listened to it ever since, it’s beautiful)

two_ lee brice- four on the floor (my sisters friend abi worked with lee brice & sarah & i saw him at johnny&junes, it was the best show!).

three_ taylor swift- the story of us (ha, hilarious that this song came on, but i love it).

four_ keith urban- till summer comes around (i love song, it’s sweet & has a different meaning to me).

five_ toby keith- weed with willie (i remember the first time i heard this song, at the toby keith concert when i was like 16).

six_ keith anderson- everytime i hear your name (i listened to this song like 384809 times the summer before freshman year of college & another 3472847 times freshman year).

seven_ blue county- walk on water (truth, i couldn’t even recall what this song sounded like without listening to it again).

eight_ tim mcgraw- don’t take the girl (one of tim mcgraws bests 🙂 ).

nine_ carrie underwood- starts with goodbye (this song is sad but true & helps me remember although I may not want something to end, maybe it has to for something else to start).

ten_ boys like girls ft. tswift- two is better than one (this song is just plain adorable).

…..& i can’t help myself but this is the cutest animated movie in the world 🙂



One response

  1. Kit

    these are great songs….I have many of them on my iPod as well!

    November 4, 2010 at 10:45 am

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