30 day blog challenge_ day 20

today’s blog challenge topic, hosted by katie’s journey, is nicknames!

this post could go on for days, just so you kow.

but i’ll shorten the list 🙂

my name is elizabeth-ann.

when i was very small, a baby still, my mother started calling me beth-ann for short. everyone called me beth-ann, except my great-grandma tarlton, she called me lizzie.

as i grew up a little i thought beth-ann & even elizabeth-ann were sort of dorky because no one else had a double name, so i went on to be called liz around middle school.

my family still called me elizabeth, elizabeth-ann, beth, beth-ann, & lizzie occasionally however, that would not be broken.

in high school i went by liz because i already knew a lot of the people from elementary school  middle school. my sister (& her close friends) called me beth & beth-ann still.

now, almost through college, i’ve gained even more nicknames. i introduce myself as elizabeth all the time, but some people just seem to shorten it to liz, i never tell them not to, but really, i don’t like being called liz.

my family now calls me elizabeth or elizabeth-ann.

my sister calls me beth-ann, anna, annie, human annie (because i now have a puppy named annie & no i did not name her after myself, i adopted her & she was already named annie, it was fate), elizabeth, and booty.

my mother called me just about ANYTHING you can make from the names elizabeth or ann including (but not limited to) eliza, annie, elizabeth-annie, & eliza-beth.

in college i gained a whole new list of names. ebond, bonde, e1, ea, & rooms.

i love my name, it’s timeless, & i love nicknames, they’re so much fun 🙂


have a wonderful saturday 🙂

i’m getting a funnel cake at the festival today.


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