i’ve never heard silence quite this loud

everything has been a whirlwind lately, i feel like i get one thing crossed off my list & then 5 more things are added. classes this quarter are not crazy hard, just time comsuming & require more time actually at school. but, in a week & a half i’ll be DONE with all of my gen ed classes & halfway through this quarter, which means i’ll have 3 & a half quarters LEFT!. crazy.


but this weekend is the festival by the sea.

i’m so excited.

this means…..

i get to see my sister.

we get a funnel cake.

family time.

i get other greasy fair food (i’ve been eating a lot healthier so i deserve a little tasty food, right?)

fun crafty booths to peruse.

halloween themed wine tasting at the local wine & art shop.

the smell of salty air.

annie gets to wear her halloween costume.


i am giving myself a task for this weekend….. TAKE PICTURES.

we’ll see how it goes 🙂


have a wonderful thursday y’all 🙂


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