30 day blog challenge_ day 18

today’s topic is something you regret.

i don’t really like the word regret. it sounds so dirty. i’ve regretted a lot of things i’ve done & not done & i hate making decisions so i feel like i’m regretting something all the time. but, i’m working on it, i should not regret or worry i’ve done the wrong thing.


but, thinking about what i regret right now…..

i regret letting myself get out of shape in college. but, i’ve started exercising regularly again lately & eating way healthier (mostly) & physically feel a lot better already.

i regret making big decisions based on other people. i should make the decisions i want to for my own reasons.

i regret drifting from God in the past few years.

i regret losing touch with most of my high school friends.

but, there is no point in regretting, everything i regret has made me the person i am today.

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