30 day blog challenge_ day 9

day 9 is all about your friends.

i’ll start from freshman year of college-ish.

my sisters wedding week 2006 was a blast, especially to me because i was 17 & her friends welcomed me with open arms. they’re the best!

[nicole, tween, sister, abi (aka other older sister growing up), cousin ellison, me… we were missing kim!, 2006]

next is freshman roommate & partner in crime, maggie. we knew each other since like 1st grade & i’m not sure how we didn’t gain the fresh 15 (or freshman 50) because i remember pokey stix, ben & jerry’s, & lots of cake. she’s in grad school now & i enjoy following her tweets everyday because really, she’s just hilarious.

[maggie, sister, me, 2006]

sorority sisters are the best!

my big sister & twin were even better, they were only around for my freshman year but they made all my first functions too much fun.

[jenna, me, morgan, on the way to semi-formal my tie, 2006]

elizabeth & i were inceperable, enough so that we were elee & ebond or e1 & e2.

[elizabeth, me, crush party 2007]

rooms aka e squared, erika elaine is next. we lived together in the sorority house sophomore year & spent hours/days watching law & order suv marathons, drinking wine out of tervis tumblers, & having serious heart to hearts on the pink shaggy rug. rooms is all about some monograms & greek life & i miss her since she moved to mississippi for grad school. favorite erika quote EVER, “hi everyone, this is erika elaine, & i just wanted to present the award for most sultry eyes, to taylor daniel.”

[me, erika, homecoming 2009]

corrine was also our partner in crime, the 3 of us have had the most insane girls weekends the past 2 years. corrine & i were pretty much inseperable the last year we both lived in raleigh, i may have slept in her bed just as much as she did, we heart twilight, & i remember the first night we ever hung out, it was EPIC. corrine’s best quote: “once we cross over this little green line, we’re there!”

[me, corrine, spring 2009]

next up is sarah mont. she’s like my twin for real. & every asks if we’re sisters. sarah recently moved to wilmington & i miss her too much 😦 we like to sit & look at the lake/ocean & have serious conversations & try to figure out life.

[me, sarah, july 4th 2010, sweet tan lines huh?]

i have wonderful friends but i miss the ones that live more than 30 minutes from me 😦 well i miss them all 🙂


2 responses

  1. Elizabeth

    Oh, E2, I love you! 🙂 I miss you, too!

    October 19, 2010 at 3:49 pm

  2. Great pictures!!!

    October 19, 2010 at 5:35 pm

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