30 day blog challenge_ day 8

today’s topic is a place you’ve traveled to.

i have a slight obsession with vampires (currently i have the book dracula in my purse), so i was all over the opportunity to visit the bran castle in the county of brasov in romania.

the entire trip to romania, we stayed like 4 weeks, was amazing & so beautiful. the bran castle didn’t disappoint either.

narrow staircases & passageways, including some that were secretive and dungeon like, led us through the castle that was decorated in furniture & artifacts from queen marie of romania’s time.

the castle’s towers & turrets nestled into the mountainside was supposedly bram stoker’s inspiration for count dracula’s home in the novel of the same name.

although the castle was not really dracula’s home it served a variety of purposes through the years, was full of history, & one of my favorite places ever.

[i’ve posted this picture before, but it’s just beautiful]

for a list of daily topics for the 30 day blog challenge visit katie’s blog.

have a wonderful monday y’all 🙂


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