30 day blog challenge_ day 5

day 5 is all about siblings.

well i only have one, but she is the only one i need!

my sister jennifer is 4 years older than me & my ultimate role model.

[christmas 2009]

she’s ambitious, a 2nd mother, my twin (people have always asked if we’re twins), she can calm me down from my crazy freak outs, she’s creative & artistic, a super hard worker, she sends me little handmade cards for no reason (& for reasons), she is always taking pictures (because i always forget to), she LOVES conversation hearts, we quote movies to each other in the middle of conversations (one of our favorites is the cute little girls from the holiday, …imagine adorable little english accent here….”daddy, do mr. napkin head!” “daddy, she has more marshmallows than i do!”), her handwriting looks like a computer typeface it’s so perfect, she’s a super cute little homemaker, we both love the 4th of july, and i can only hope to be half the person she is one day 🙂

[out to lunch in the queen city, 2009]

a few little facts, she has a degree in business & is the interior design coordinator for a custom home builder, she lives on the coast of nc & celebrated her 4th wedding anniversary this year. growing up we were close but we’ve only gotten closer as the years have passed. we fight over names for our future kids & have made a list of all names we both like & divided them up.

[our first trip to nashville to see abi (sisters’ bff growing up), 2009]

we get crazy ideas sometimes, but it’s always a great memory in the end. i don’t know what i would do without my big sister 🙂


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