30 day blog challenge_ day 4

my parents.

mark & sharon. i’ve started calling them by their first names in the past year, they haven’t objected yet 🙂

mom hates having pictures taken but sister & i snapped these last christmas after a quick lunch stop but wasn’t quick enough to get her before she turned her head & dad likes to makes silly faces.

my mom is a teacher & the hardest worker i know, she’s always thinking about others & always give 150%. a lot of people tell us we look a like, i don’t see it really, she has blue eyes & lighter hair, but it makes me smile when people do say that. my dad used to own his own business, he still does it on the side a little, promotions, but is also the north carolina/south carolina regional representative for a used textbook company. he always puts others first too & is really the best man i know. i think my dad & i look more alike, we have the same eye color, darker hair, and tanner skin.

they’ve taught me so much & i hope i can live up to the person they would want me to be in life. they are always there to calm me down (i tend to freak out about the little things & take the big ones in stride) and make me feel better when i’m down.

really my parents are THE BEST.

they let me be myself, they would still go out in public with my when i would wear my crazy outfits in high school, and drove me 847328947 miles throughout my soccer career, all the way from virginia to florida, & sat in the freezing cold, the torrential rain, & extreme heat, just to see me play.

they let me make my own decisions, whether they agreed or not, & have let me make my own mistakes, like not going to art school then transferring after 2 years of traditional college because i should have just gone on to art school in the first place.

[mom & i at the biltmore house, december 2009]

my mother & i have gotten very close the past 2 years, we were close before but now we spend a lot of our time together. i get my perfectionism from her, which isn’t always a good thing or a bad thing, & i get my design sense from her, even though we have completely different styles. i know she wishes i would wear less black & way less black eye makeup but she knows i like to be different & she lets me.

[making silly faces with dad & sister, may 2010]

my dad & i have also grown closer the past few years, though we were close before as well. he always comes to the rescue. i was lucky growing up, he owned his own business & whatever i needed/whenever i needed something, he was there. he still takes my car to be services & have my tires changed because i hate doing it.

i love my parents more than anything & am so blessed to have them.

[mom & dad, july 4th 2010, the day before their 35th anniversary]

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have a wonderful thursday y’all 🙂


3 responses

  1. Kit

    I love all of you pictures especially the funny face one…too cute!

    October 14, 2010 at 12:21 pm

  2. i’m totally with you on calling my parents by their first names – i have done it for as long as i can remember. if i was at the grocery store and i called out for Laura – she turned around rather than if i called Mom 16 other people would see if it was their kid calling for them…. i just look at it as being much more efficient!

    October 14, 2010 at 1:12 pm

  3. Your dad’s face in some of those cracks me up! They seem so wonderful!

    October 14, 2010 at 10:15 pm

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