30 day blog challenge_ day 1 & 2

i found this 30 day blog challenge at michabella & thought it was a cute idea!

you can do it too, all the days are listed on katie’s blog.

i’m catching up with day 1 & 2 tonight.

day 1: introduce yourself, a recent picture, & 15 interesting facts.

i’m elizabeth, 22, and in art school. i’m graduating in less than a year & i’m stoked! i love God and am working on being the best child of God i can. i have the sweetest puppy in the world named annie & i love love love shoes. i currently live in the queen city of north carolina & can’t wait for what God has in store for me. i’m all about bravo & tlc, flipping out is my favorite!

[my big sister in my sororities wedding, i’m 2nd from the left, photo courtesy of morgan 🙂 ]

15 interesting facts.

1. i am a huge nerd (no really, i am).

2. my current dream job would be to work for jeff lewis.

3. i love bananas, i eat like a million everyday.

4. i’m a chi omega (& a proud member of the parrothead family… see photo above 🙂 )

5. i watch wayyyyy too much reality tv.

6. my favorite number is 5.

7. my older sister is my role model.

8. i get really annoyed at facebook sometimes because everyone is getting engaged/married/having kids.

9. it’s my dream to live on a mountain side.

10. i’m scared of seafood, ever since i got food poisoning 2 years ago.

11. i LOVE boots.

12. i want to get my masters in advertising, after i finish my undergrad.

13. i am a daydreamer & i write stories in my head a lot.

14. i played soccer from the age of 5 to 18.

15. i would wear black everyday if i could.

day 2: meaning behind your blog name

i love words. the word kismet is turkish & means fate or destiny. (yes, i did first see the word in the book new moon & yes, i am a twilight reader/watcher). i thought kismet was a beautiful word with a beautiful meaning and so kismet & company became kismet & company.



One response

  1. So glad that you are participating with me! I am looking forward to getting to know you better!

    October 12, 2010 at 11:17 pm

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