everyday’s a revolution

my blog is a one year old!

wow, i can’t believe it’s been a year.

no, i didn’t regularly blog until january but since then i’ve kept it up,

if it’s interesting or not to other people, i don’t know,

but blogging has been a great way to get random thoughts out there.

thanks for reading if you have 🙂

over the past year i’ve switched my blog over to wordpress,

(which i LOVE)

& have definitely changed the header about 2938738 times,

but my colors have always been black, white, & purple.

i’ve had a few failed ventures,

30 for 30 only lasted a week for me.

i’ve not kept up with the daily outfit photobooth pictures in the last few months,

_casa_de_isabelle_ hasn’t had lots of posts yet,


i do love new blog fridays and today in 5 pictures_,

i hope y’all enjoy them too!


a few things about the blog explained:

1. i started this blog at my sister’s suggestion, she has one & i love it, but i wasn’t sure i’d have much to blog about. well some days i don’t, some days i just can’t say how i feel & can only express through pictures, & some days i blog way too much.

2. i named my blog kismet&company because i love love love words. kismet is a turkish word & means fate or destiny. i will also own up to the fact that the first time i read the word (or first time i can remember) was in the book new moon, i don’t care, i love those books!

3. i started _casa_de_isabelle_ because i do love interior design, but i didn’t want my blog to be so scattered, so a specific post title tag clears some of that up, i thought _casa_de_isabelle_ was cute because essentially it means elizabeth’s house in spanish.

4. new blog friday came about because i love finding new fun blogs to inspire me & give me new ideas & wanted to share.

5. last, today in 5 pictures_ why 5? it’s my favorite number.

have a wonderful tuesday y’all!

& thank you again for reading my ramblings 🙂


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