your string of lights are still bright to me

sunday’s are always peaceful.

after church yesterday some of the family met for brunch at bricktops.

they have the best food!

(remember the french hamburger?)

we always get the homemade donuts & dipping sauce to start with.

& yesterday i had banana french toast with homemade whipped cream & the most delicious bacon.

we walked around outside after, it was such a beautiful day.

liam has a science experiment book he hasn’t put down, he was trying to decide on his next experiment.

last week he made a marshmallow gun, it was hilarious.

ellison is such a sweet girl.

her birthday is getting closer & closer!

i can’t believe she’s going to be a teenager this year,

it doesn’t seem possible.

(sister & i already have her present,

we’re usually last minute,

but this year we’re super excited about it!)

she said i could make her party invitations, so i’m going to work on those this week 🙂

hope y’all had a wonderul weekend as well,

it was beautiful!


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