fast cars & freedom

i started the image/artwork for this blog earlier this morning.

but i took a break, took a nap, then started working on online homework.

i signed on to my online nutrition class & was very annoyed. this one guy continues to respond to other people’s posts negatively, like he knows all about nutrition. well, that may be the case, but he’s a game development major and taking this class for an elective like i am, so he’s not an expert. he responded to a recipe adaption i posted yesterday and it just took all i had not to say something to him. i typed out a negative response to his negative response and clicked over to illustrator before i actually sent it. good thing i did. it was a great reminder.

i took a deep breath and deleted my response and typed another nicer one that explained the previous post that he had negatively posted about. i get mad at things sometimes but just have to remember not to overreact and live life through the Spirit.


One response

  1. beautifully done 🙂 amazing post!

    August 11, 2010 at 3:43 pm

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