that carolina moon is big and bright

annie just melts my heart.

[she likes to lay with her legs in the air]

i’ve been a lot more content since she came squirming into my life.

i like to call her my squirm baby.

she does mischievous things sometimes, not too often, but i don’t care.

i might have to change my habits a little but for her it’s worth it.

i can’t leave my coffee cup within reach, or go anywhere (except school/work/restaraunts) without her.

or she’ll whine and bark a little.

& she hates her baths and getting blow dried.

but loves food and has figured out if she sits there looking cute someone will feed her.

but she’s such a sweetheart & i couldn’t imagine life without her now.

she loves to play 🙂

[& loves loves loves to sleep on her back]


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