send me away with the words of a love song

i stayed home this weekend. it was sad at first, no trip to georgia, no beach, no “vacation” feel. but after the initial “shock” of being alone, i found i really, really needed to stay in the queen city.

i caught up my laziness and lounged some friday….. & pretty much all day saturday.

cleaned out clothes i don’t wear & have 3 whole bags to giveaway.

yesterday i went to elevation for the first time since….. may? i knew i missed it, but not this much. it was a perfect pick me up, a perfect message for where i am in life & a perfect way to start the week. watch or listen to it later here. this series, christ alone, started last week. & i can’t wait till next week.

i am going to be productive this week, use all my time wisely, and not feel down anymore.


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