airplanes in the night sky

30 for 30 remix.

my sister & i both stumbled upon this challenge on other blogs (here & here).

we decided to give it a try…..

we start tomorrow.

rules are:

1. no buying clothes/accessories for the next 30 days

(except one clothing item & one accessory item when we venture to atlanta in a few weeks)

2. 30 outfits from 30 pieces of clothing.

3. what doesn’t count: belts, jewelry, gym clothes, pj’s, bathing suits.

i’ve been trying to  pick out my 30 items.

i’m not sure what to do.

i wear a lot of dresses.

but dresses are a little harder to remix.

i love shoes….. how many should i choose?

here’s what i came up with:

(my pictures look hideous, sorry!)

i’m currently worrying that i’ve completely forgotten something that is key to my wardrobe.

& apparently i can’t count, because i ended with 31, so i sadly pushed aside my kristen davis moccasin sandals 😦

i’ve even gone as far as putting all my selections in the guest bedroom so i’m not tempted by the other clothes in my closet.

here we go…..


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