i believe in fairytales and dreamers dreams like bed sheet sails


last song i listened to:

gloriana, how far do you wanna go?

favorite song right now:

carrie underwood, undo it

what colors are your nails painted:

east village, it’s teal

what’s in your purse right now:

my hobo wallet, my blackberry, my sunglasses, my moleskin journal, a hard drive, my macbook adapter, my keys, 3 bottles of water

last thing you googled:

how to update my garmin

last blog you read:

cupcakes and cashmere

last thing you ate:

a chocolate chip clif bar

last thing you blogged:

just cute pictures

what was your last tweet:

watching valentine’s dayyyyyyyyyy :):)

favorite article of clothing you’re wearing:

my “go to” black cotton dress from nordstrom

favorite place to shop:

anywhere that has different stuff

last vacatoin you went on:

maggie valley, nc

what are you doing tonight:

driving to the beach



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