life is a runaway train you can’t wait to jump on

i spent the weekend at the beach.

but it wasn’t all play.

i shot & edited my documentary for cinematography class.

(yes, i should have spent more than a weekend on it….. but what can you do?)

i worked on an interactive site that was due this morning as well.

as of right now i am finished with 2 classes.

i am finished with the work for cinematography as well,

just a critique left this afternoon.

i’ve printed my concert posters for class tomorrow.

& i’ve got all my final to do for class thursday,

i’m hoping….. i won’t hit any snags & can get it knocked out on wednesday.


i’m just counting the days…..

3 until the quarter is DONE.

8 until i get my break from work 🙂

happy monday.


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