somewhere in the sun

it’s thursday, finally.

yesterday i didn’t want thursday to come so soon.

i’ve read a lot and written a lot (too much) in the past 3 days.

i’ve just finished my paper for religion class.

it’s due at one.

& now i’m just relaxing a bit.

i’ve got projects due monday, tuesday, & thursday.

and a final exam on tuesday.

so there is a lot going on…..

i’m craving new heels like these.



& really really really wanting sonic for lunch today.

i wish i didn’t have to go to religion class or work because we’re headed for the beach later.

[holden beach via]

i’m hoping my documentary will turn out amazing.

i want to dye my hair.

i don’t like how google is trying to be like bing with all the background pictures.

20 days till eclipse comes out in theaters.


the cmt awards were last night & i missed them 😦

on the bright side…..

it’s thursday, which is basically friday πŸ™‚


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