my wish for you

in august i bought 2 wish necklaces by dogeared at a little shop at the beach.

i made my wish & wore the first one until it finally fell off in march.

it was a silver snake on a thin salmon colored thread.

i have my first one on in both of these pictures, it’s small, can see it?

i didn’t put the next one on right away, i’m not sure why.

i knew i had it.

i just left my neck bare for about a month.

i pulled out my second wish necklace on monday.

it’s a silver pair of cherry’s dangling from a red thread.

i made my wish this morning & fastened it around my neck.

as silly as it all may be,

i think my last wish really was true when it did fall off.

so, hoping that this necklace doesn’t last as long

(even though it’s super cute)

i hope this wish turns out just as my last one did.

i have found a boutique here in the queen city that carries the wish necklaces.

cottage chic on east boulevard.

they have a good selection of wish necklaces as well as other dogeared items.

happy wednesday 🙂


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