thks fr th mmrs

i had to get a new phone on saturday. i was not happy about it. i seem to always have phone problems. my old one deleted my contacts list. completely. no getting it back. deleted. i decided to stick with a blackberry, just decided to go with a different model this time (actually they stopped making the one i had because it sucked so bad had lots of memory problems.) so i got my new phone & started downloading apps for twitter & facebook as i stumbled across pandora. i have used pandora in the past when i didn’t want to have to decide on an artist or was too lazy to make a playlist. i downloaded it just to see & have once again fallen in love.

today i have been listening to my paramore channel & the only word i can come up with right now is nostalgia (maybe that has something to do with the project i’m working on this morning as well? i’ll post it later in the gallery, it’s an ad campaign for bazooka bubble gum). back to pandora. i love it. i get stuck in a rut with my music because i ALWAYS listen to the same thing. pandora broadens my horizon & i’m loving it (notice the title of my post, love fall out boy).

i highly recommend using pandora as well as the pandora app ๐Ÿ™‚


back to work now, happy thursday ๐Ÿ™‚


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