sing the truth, lay it all right out there

today i turned in yet another david carson gallery poster. i never seems to get old (i guess that’s good since i’m going to school for this). this one (below) is a continuation of the one i turned in last week, combined with a new design. i also started on a rough digital comp of my next project… based on elvis presley & the movie blue hawaii.

i just grabbed my second cup of coffee & have about a half an hour until my religion class. i started to make a do to list for today but i think that idea went out the window when i got into a ton of traffic this morning & didn’t have my extra few minutes before class. for at least the rest of the quarter i’m going to start making to do lists though. i feel like having something written out i will use my time more wisely, less just sitting & playing on the computer (though i love my blog perusing time after i read my favorites i need to put the blogs away & come back later). & since i was basically forced to get a new phone (really i didn’t mind, love the new one so far) i need to search for an app to organize my to do list.

favorite blog post of the day (so far), fabulous k’s beautiful bungalow, check it out, that closet/attic is amazing.


have a happy day 🙂


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