i never told you

today i should be doing school work. but i just don’t have the patience for photoshop right now (it’s not my strongest point of design… i love typography & illustrator way more than pictures) & i’ve done all the other work i could do. i should be working on my portfolio but that means i’ll have to show it to people when i’ve complied some work & that scares me.

last night sarah & i went to our usual saturaday night service at elevation & it was amazing. from the music to the message. i’m not sure how to even explain it. we had a guest pastor, judah smith, from the city church in seattle, washington. the message from last night, part 4, will be posted tomorrow afternoon on elevation’s website but i’ve already subscribed to judah smith’s podcasts, that was how great is message this weekend was. i only wish last night’s music was recorded because they played 2 of my 3 favorite songs, give me faith, by elevation worship & desert song, by hillsong, i love it when that happens.

i guess i should try to do some work now….. off to the direction of my fear


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