take me there

today has been one of those days. i think every thursday is like that, i think i remember a post from last thursday that started out very similar to this.

i had 2 cups of coffee by the time i had my first class at 8 am. midway through class when i was tired of my coffee breath i decided to wanted some gum. i just got a new pack of gum, i like the ice cubes (they’re shaped like cubes, haha) but the box they come in gets swished easily. so i was at target last night with my mom & in the candy aisle they had a huge, plastic container with 40 ice cubes in it. sweet, i bought it. i ate one piece last night & so did mom. this morning in class when i reached to get the container the other 38 pieces were scattered around the bottom of my bag. nice. i was not happy but what can you do?

i can’t wait for this weekend. i’m finally not traveling somewhere either tonight or tomorrow monring (although my last 3 weekends were so much fun, don’t get me wrong) it will be so nice to sleep in.

I’m determined the clean up my room, clean out my closet, & get a fresh start on spring (i know it started a few weeks ago but whatever….).


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