pretty little thing

okay, so i’m just going to make a list of “loves”
(numbered but in no particular order)
1. lilac & ivy (from my post earlier today)
2. headbands & flowers for your hair, i’ve gotta get back into wearing them more often.
3. the number 5
4. fun skirts & dresses
5. rockstar diaries (check out this headband)
6. converses (shoes in general)
7. twitter
8. new words (well new as in not overly used)
9. bangs, i wish i had my straight across bangs again, just sometimes i don’t want them.
10. my new hair color (i did it last week)
11. my small group from elevation
12. taylor lautner, i just can’t get enough
13. fly through our window, the kids are just adorable, check out today’s post especially
14. linking things (i just thought of this one)
and of course….
15. my sister


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