you save me

i have a problem. i am obsessed with shoes. i love them.

we had a huge yard sale back in october & i did very well going through my clothes & purses to sell, i ended up with about 5 or 6 purses (yes i have bought more since then), i sold probably 15. that freed up a lot of my closet space (i’ve been downgraded from a huge walk in closet to one that you definitely can’t walk in to….).
anyways, i tried very hard, but i could not sell any of my shoes. just couldn’t. i have shoes that i do not wear but i still love them.

i got these on friday…..

i wore them saturday, sunday, monday, & today (tuesday). i think i like them, alot.

lately i’ve felt a little overwhelmed but i think i’m getting a grip on it. i’m spending more of my time actually being productive, not just wasting it thinking about things that don’t actually matter that much. i’m still working on getting out of my funk, but a blog title caught my eye, the funk. it is simple but helpful, you should read it. my new resolution, i’m not going to focus so much on myself & what i think is wrong, because it really doesn’t even matter that much.just got my afternoon pick me up coffee (a raspberry soy latte) & my religion class is about the start…. until next time


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