from wanting you back…. i’ve felt it all

remember my new years resolutions? well, they’re kinda funny because i have only kind of completed one of them! i know! i’m a bit ridiculous. but, more recently i have been working on a few of them more, kind of.

saturday i ran my first 5k. i had two goals for the run.
1. run the entire thing, no stopping.
2. run in under 30 minutes.

i met both of my goals, and in running the 5k i met that resolution. i will admit i haven’t been doing the best regulating the coffee and diet coke intake, oops. i’m trying to cut the diet coke more, because well although it’s not caloric, it’s not healthy with all the acid, but i have decided that since i do not put cream in my coffee, it’s not that bad for you? and i drink a lot of water!

the eating healthier has been an up & down journey. but lately, except for the weekends, i’ve done fairly well i think. mom said my legs (aka my butt) looks a little slimmer.
willpower has gone alright as well, since i’ve kept up with the running more recently & the weekday eating healthy, i’ll give myself a b for that one!

i need to start a new devotional though, soon! we might be doing one through my elevation community group. speaking of, i missed it because i was at the beach but on sunday (easter!) elevation had their first ever easter experience, 11,500 people, 18,000 donations, & 700 salvations. wow, sad i missed it. you can hear it too

hmmmm well, i’m exhausted & we’ve only been back at school for a day….


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