today was a fairytale

it’s not technically the first day of spring until tomorrow, but it’s gorgeous outside (an new moon comes out on dvd at midnight tonight)! & i’m inside next week is finals & my music video for audio/video is testing my stress level right now. i think i’m just going to call it quits for today (on this project at least)….

just checked out my blog roll for today (for the first time, i’ve been super busy) and the title
whoo whoo wants cake by my owl barn caught my attention because of my recent decision to throw myself (yes it’s lame) an owl themed birthday party this year (i love owls)….

see…. it is too cute 🙂

the original cake idea was also courtesy of my owl barn but i think i like this new one better! i have decided to incorporate my number 5 into the party as well…. i don’t think it will be so

in other news, i got a surprise message this morning from sunshine (i know it’s a super ridiculous name but it’s a long story), i wasn’t expecting that until sunday night & it made being up at 8:15 worth it, you don’t know how many times i wanted to pull out my phone this week to send a text to him when i was stressed.

for now, i’m packing up my bag (which reminds me, i’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it lately & it was a free gift with a calvin klein perfume, love it when that happens) and heading home, probably getting a coffee (iced for the hot day) & working on something productive (hopefully), before heading back out to amelie’s french bakery in noda with my community group from elevation. sorry for all the links, but everything i’ve mentioned today is totally worth linking 🙂

oh, it’s after 5, i’m late getting this firewire cable (that didn’t help me at all….) back to the cage, must run!


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