why don’t we just dance

lately i love love love love love my brown dan post cowboy boots. they were a hand-me-down i received my sophomore year of high school from my aunt, they were a little too small for her. i wore them occassionally until college where i’ve worn them into the most comfortable pair of shoes i own (that includes my koolaburras). i probably wear them at least three times a week, with jeans, dresses, skirts, leggings, just about anything. they’re a little sad looking with all the scuff marks but i will wear them until they fall apart, and i don’t think that they will….

i also have a pair of red abilene boots that i’m trying to wear more often (it is a little hard to wear red with everything)

as i was having a twilight saga over indulgence yesterday (i worked from 7:30 to 2, i had a right to) i came across this still from new moon. it made me laugh hysterically, i loved this scene, probably just because i’m a little (a lot) obsessed with jacob black. so until the new moon dvd comes out on the 20th…. i’m probably going to have lots and lots of twilight inspired posts and tweets…. i can’t help it 🙂 i’ll leave you with this for now:


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